H e a t i n g   &   A i r   C o n d i t i o n i n g

We don't simply swap out equipment. We take the time and effort to do the job right.

Would you be satisfied knowing your new system is running at 70% - 80%
of it's capacity or efficiency?  We're not!


Take a look at some of our installations and see for yourself


Original installation was just ugly!
Poor access, poor drainage, and poor airflow.
A large room added years ago was inadequately
conditioned and uncomfortable.

The fix? A new high efficiency heat pump
system relocated to the addition attic space
where there was more room. All new
metal ductwork w/ R8 flex. An additional
return and two more supplies for the
addition area for improved coverage.

System access, proper drainage with safeties,
and good airflow throughout the house. Sweet!





Small cape w/ loft. Living room was always cold
because heat had to travel from second floor
level ceiling vents and one first level supply over
6 ft. off the floor.

The fix? A new high efficiency heat pump
system with two new supplies added to the
living room floor. An additional return was
added to increase capacity and comfort.

A big improvement over the old system.
Cutomer says they're comfortable at last!





Older rancher. No AC, just an old gas furnace in a kitchen utility area.
Old ductwork under the house, poorly insulated and coming up through wall vents.

The answer? Move everything to the attic! Shown above is a new hybrid (dual fuel) system. Heat pump with a 2 stage
gas furnace. The existing return was enlarged and another return added to other end of house.
Added 3 supplies to previously unconditioned room on end of house.
All new metal trunk lines and supplies. A new Honeywell 7-day programmable thermostat tied
in to an outdoor sensor runs the heat pump in milder weather and the gas furnace when it's colder.
See that gas bill drop!



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